Respio Installation

Respio is a product that manages and improves your sleeping experience with our sensor and application. Our product,

  1. Measures the Quality of Sleep
  2. Uses the sensor attached to your bed to measure your sleep quality more accurately than other existing products.

  3. Measures Snoring
  4. Measures snoring episodes during your sleep. It can measure snoring accurately because we use the sensor simultaneously. It isn't just a record of sound while you sleep. You can listen to the sound of measured snoring episodes in the morning.

  5. Measures Sleep Apnea
  6. Measures temporary sleep apnea episodes. Respio analyzes sensor date very precisely and lets you see episodes of sleep apnea.

  7. Has More Advanced Breathing Training
  8. Helps you fall asleep faster using breathing training for comfortable sleep. It's not just a simple meditation. It analyzes the body condition and uses micro adjustment of breathing cycle to make you more calm.

  9. Coaches You to Improve Your Sleep
  10. Analyzes sleep measurements every day and coaches you about sleeping hours to help you build a good sleeping habit.

System Requirement

How to Install

  1. Put the sensor strip over the mattress and under the bed sheet. The sensor will not measure accurately if you put a thick (over 5cm) blanket over it.
  2. The sensor strip should be installed horizontally. Its location should be between your chest and stomach. The sensor will not work well if you put it near your neck (shoulder) or below your waist.
  4. Connect Respio Controller to the sensor strip. Connect it, like how you would connect earphone cords.
  5. Connect white power supply cable.
  6. The sensor is connected to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0. When you open the application, it will automatically turn on Bluetooth and connect to measure your sleep. The Bluetooth connection is made automatically using our application without needing a password for pairing using our secure channel. You don't have to find our sensor on Android's Bluetooth setting.


App Download

Press the button below to download application

How to Use the App

  1. When you install Respio sensor and power it, the power indicator on device will light up. This light is weak and you may not see it in a bright place.
  2. Download the app on your Android smartphone and install it.
  3. Launch the app, and log in using your Google ID or e-mail.
  4. After logging in, enter some information about your body. The analysis will be more accurate if you provide accurate information.
  5. Touch Start Sleep Measurement button to measure your sleep.
  6. The power indicator will turn off when you start the measurement with Respio sensor.

  • Starting Measurement
  • Install the sensor, and press "GO TO SLEEP" button to start measuring your sleep.

  • Induce Sleep, Finish Sleep Measurement
  • You can press Induce Sleep button to start the breathing training for sleep.
    When you wake up in the morning, press Check Sleep button to get information on your sleep

  • Sleep Measurement Result
  • You can check the result of your sleep measurement.

  • Snore
  • You can check snoring during the sleep. You can see that snoring sound occurred periodically on the screen. You can use the arrow button on the bottom of the screen to listen to snoring. The recorded sound volume is low in order to protect privacy.

  • Sleep Apnea
  • You can check when your breathing stopped during the sleep. The flat section of the graph represents when you stopped breathing.

    This product is not a medical device. The measurement should not be taken as a medical opinion, and the results from this device should not be applied or used for medical practices. The measurement result of this device may differ from measurements taken by medical devices.