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Respio Sleep Coach

Introducing Respio Sleep Coach. Respio Sleep Coach is a service that installs a sensor in your bed to measure, analyze and improve sleep with a smartphone.

Have you wondered why you feel exhausted even after a long night of rest? Sleep quality matters.

With Respio Sleep Monitor, you can finally unlock the mystery of sleep quality with accurate sleep tracking. Follow these Insights and tips to improve your sleep immediately. Sleep affects every part of life—your health, your mood and more. It can help you perform at your best, stay productive, and fight weight gain and depression. So if you’re ready to make the most of your day, start by improving your night.

That's why we developed RESPIO, the smart sleep coach that works as an accurate non-invasive bio-metric tracker that will effortlessly monitor everything about your sleep, allowing you to effectively improve the quality of your sleep.

Respio is a one milimeter thick highly accurate sensor strip that picks up your sleeping patterns as you rest and sleep. It works with any mattress; you can put your bedsheets on top of it and forget about it. Unlike other devices on the market, Respio is not a wearable, so you won’t need to do anything other than sleep on it.

During sleep, the sensor's data is transferred to your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication. The transmitted data is analyzed by the Respio Sleep Coach app and provides sleep measurement results after waking up in the morning. In addition, the Respio Sleep Coach app constantly monitors your sleep data and guides you through what you can do to improve your sleeping habits, sleep environment, and your sleep quality. A healthier, more energetic life starts with better sleep.

1. Measure your sleep everyday

As the first step in the Respio Sleep Coach, we measure the quality and quantity of your sleep every day. when you wake up in the morning, you can check the results of various sleep measurements from the night before, as shown on the screen below. Respio Sleep Coach provides more accurate and richer sleep results than any other sleep measurement device or app.

2. Comfortable sleep, refreshing morning

Establishing regular sleep habits is the most important step in improving sleep quality. To develop a regular sleeping habit, you can set your wake-up time first, then set your daily sleep time to automatically calculate your bedtime.

  • Morning wake-up time: This is the most important factor in creating regular sleep habits. Maintaining a constant wake-up time is a great help in establishing regular sleep.
  • Sleep Time: Average sleep time. The first set sleep time is adjusted through sleep analysis to inform you of the time you have entered the bed.
  • Bedtime: Set the list time for sleep preparation before starting sleep. The alarm sounds before the set time before going to sleep.
  • The breathing guide teaches you how to relax your mind and body for sleep. It helps reduce anxiety and tension before going to bed, with repeat inhalation and exhalation, followed by slow breathing. The sensor measures and guides your breath so that your breathing slows down and relaxes. If you follow the guide, you will fall asleep quickly. When you fall asleep, you naturally go to the sleep measurement phase.

    3. Analysis of sleep problems

    Severe snoring not only reduces sleep quality but can also disrupt the sleep of a partner. What do you think is the cause of your snoring? Is it drinking? Smoking, exercise or coffee? It is impossible to identify the cause of your snoring with subjective guesses; objective and quantitative measurements are required. If snoring is a result of pre-sleep exercise, snoring can be reduced by limiting this activity.

    The Respio Sleep Coach can analyze the relationship between 15 sleep measurements and 20 daily lives.

    4. Improving Sleep

    Respio Sleep Coach is a program that improves sleep quality by restoring regularity of sleep based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavior therapy is a way to improve sleep quality through continuous behavioral changes, and users should continue to practice to improve sleep. Unlike sleeping pills, there are no side effects or harm to the human body, and improved sleep quality is maintained even after coaching. The Respio Sleep Coach consists of four stages, 30 days. The entire coaching period may be longer depending on the state of sleep. If you keep up with the Respio Sleep Coach, your sleep quality will definitely improve.

    Machine learning-based Respio

    Sleep Stage Decision

    Snoring Detection

    Abnormal Breathing Detection

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    Respio Sensor HW Customization

    Would you like to introduce a Respio sensor to your business? Respio is 100% customizable for sensor hardware and software, enabling integration into any business.

    Respio Sleep Coach SW Customization

    The library of the Respio Sleep Coach is designed to be fully integrated into your app. The various external interfaces provided by the Respio Sleep Coach library are the only solution that can satisfy your sleep management service planning.Integrate sleep management provision into your business to preempt unique and new healthcare services

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    Vitealth Research Project:
    Share your sleep data to overcome COVID-19!

    It is reported that the respiration rate changes rapidly when COVID-19 occurs.
    We are conducting a campaign to predict COVID-19 incidence by analyzing respiratory rate changes from a number of users using the Response Sensor. The donated data will be provided free of charge to medical researchers and medical staff, and will be used not only for corona19 treatment research but also for future pandemics response research. All donated information is completely anonymous.